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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seven Days

What a very wet and windy week it has been here on the Isles, with gales and hailstorms battering off the windows more often than not. Nonetheless, it was a very busy time for us - lots of business-ey type things had us leaving the fireside and heading into Stornoway most days this week. Not much time for photography or for computers at all.  Let's just say it has been a purposeful week - it included:

A visit to the smart new dental facility, with it's jolly yellow door. I am very glad to finally be on the list here - travelling back to the mainland for check-ups was not very convenient.

I have started going to a Gaelic class - good fun, several people there that I know, and a couple of hours away from the house, along with my knitting.  This week we talked about the weather, (you really need to be able to do that here), learned how to tell the time, and played pictionary - all anns a' Ghaidhlig!

I have been doing a lot of research into cheese.  My first batch is currently underway!

And I am studying for my livestock transport licence test in a couple of weeks.

There were a couple of breaks in the weather, when it felt really quite springlike.  One of the hens is laying again, so it must be on it's way. We all rushed out to soak up as many of those luxes as we could.

And there was even a rare sighting of the Lewis Panda!

Just a few random happenings from my week - wishing you all a wonderful and joyous seven days. xx


  1. What a lovely week. Well done you on learning Gaelic. I find it so hard to learn new languages :-(

    Here are my seven days....

  2. When I first started thinking about a vacation to Scotland, I bought a language DVD on Gaelic. I decided it was a difficult language to learn.
    I'm very interested in how to make cheese. Hope you will post more on the subject.

  3. Learning Gaelic has brought such a richness to my and my family's life. The spelling system is a bit bizarre, but there are only 10 irregular verbs, as opposed to over 500 in French, for example. 'S math a rinn thu!

  4. Sounds like you have been busy, I am so glad you found a little time to write to us about your week ( I missed you:)))

    making your own cheese..how fun!! can't wait to hear how it turns out!

    Happy Studying:))) ~ B

  5. Learning gaelic looks really interesting, Id love to do it. And making your own cheese is amazing! Hope it tastes good!

  6. Hi, I had to laugh when I saw your first pic of the weather window! I had just shown my hubbie the finished blog, and he commented on the need for putting more pics of the place on, so, I said, laughing," Oh yes, I could post a pic from the window of the rain!!!!!!!!"Hasn't it been a bad week! Good luck with the Gaelic, we went as far as buying the Speaking our language videos!

  7. What a busy week. Looks like your classes are keeping you busy. The Gaelic class looks like fun!

  8. Definitely crazy weather. We've been having a bit of the same here. A couple of days of winter, a couple of teasers for spring. No pandas here though... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. love the wee panda! and the rest of your week jacqui. good luck on your exams!

  10. Thanks - I have missed being here, but it was just one of those weeks when it just wasn't happening.
    I have been to a few Gaelic classes on and off over the years, but John is fluent and James goes to Garlic medium playgroup, so I need to know what they are talking about :)

  11. Good luck with the cheese making and with your test. I admire you learning Gaelic ... is that by any chance an Usbourne book in the picture? I used to sell them and I think I recognize the pictures on the front cover.

  12. That book is in SO many languages (including Welsh)
    Classes are the way to do any language, plus listening to the radio to get your ears attuned to the flow.

    We haven't had so much rain here, but it is still too wet to do much.

  13. Fantastic photos. Good luck with the cheese. That's the same book we use for our cheese making.Your panda is very cute!

  14. Ooh, can't wait to see your cheese :o) xx

  15. I'm looking forward to hearing about your cheesemaking. We had planned to try last year but never found the time, it is on the list for this year though

  16. Sounds like a very busy 7 days. I'm jealous of the cheese making, do keep up posted on how it goes. It is something I've always wanted to try. Good luck with the Gaelic as well, it sounds and looks so hard!

  17. I forgot to leave my link! http://oursimplegreenlife.blogspot.com/2012/01/7-days-in-pictures_22.html

  18. Thank you. It is indeed an Usborn book, And I imagine it being printed in many languages, as it is a very useful format.
    The cheese book is great - I am trying a Neufchatel to begin with. We are lucky to get local unhomogonised milk on the island, so I plan on practicing and experimenting until our own cows come on line! xx

  19. Wow cheese making!! That is a brillant project! I am looking forward for seeing the results!
    Brillant that you are learning gaelic !!
    What a lovely week!
    Here´s ours:

    Kimmy xx

  20. We, too, used those Usborne books in Swedish! Gifts from our neighbours to help us out. As GZ/Gwynneth suggests, listening to radio helps enormously with flow. intonation etc: helped us hugely in Sweden. I've always fancied having a go at cheesing and look forward to learning how it turns out for you. Good luck. And....NHS Dentistry.....Arrrggghhh.........In Sweden, the system is very good and open to all EU members, it seemed to us!

  21. Love the photo of the rain, I actually miss the stuff. Good luck with the Gaelic. I used to have an old dictionary here but may have given it away. Good luck with the exam. Try to move them quietly if possible, so much nicer for everyone. Animals are very stressed when they are being moved.

  22. Busy week, eh? Some weeks are like that - lots to get done. But such a feeling of accomplishment, no?

    Love the yellow door on the dentist's office. I would think with the anxiety that sometimes comes with going to the dentist, the door would be a nice light green?

  23. I am so excited to hear about your cheese making! I make yogurt and paneer cheese, but would love to make cheddar and other types.
    Our chickens have been laying too,but then I think we only had one day of winter, yesterday's temps...73!

  24. What a busy week you have had and good on you learning Gaelic. Good luck with your animal transport test.

    I laughed when I saw the cover of the book. My car's on there! Wrong colour, mind is metallic turquoise. I love the fact that it's not showing a modern Eurobox! Our newest car is 22 years old!

    We missed reading your posts, they are always full of interest and fun and colourful things both visually and spiritually.

  25. Made me giggle to see the Lewis panda in the last pic, fun times at your place despite the weather. I've been reading the Diana Gabakon Outlander series and Jamie Fraser talks some Gaelic every so often in that, hope it's easier to say than read!

  26. Good luck on all the exams, I hope you pass with flying colors! Love your seven day review :)

  27. You have been busy...good luck with the test and hope the cheese turns out good. xxx

  28. What a lovely lot of busy-ness. I'm glad the weather hasn't really been holding you back, although I can imagine the pigs are probably swimming in mud now! Lots of new things going on, exciting times!

    Just compiled our 7 days


  29. I'm joining you today Jacqui, I love this thread! Can't wait to see how your cheese turns out - that, and butter making, are on my to do list this year - we get free raw milk from the farm Ben helps at so it seems criminal not give these things a go!
    Just saw an ad for a croft to rent on Fair Isle, we were very tempted, especially after reading of your adventures...maybe in the future :) x

  30. Good luck with the transport license test mama! X

  31. You have so many talents! Cheese making...seems like it is always me that is requesting something of you, but you have so much knowledge to share...when you make cheese would you mind posting on that too...hope I am not being a bother....like I said, if you can't - no worries! But I am fascinated by that process and here in the deep South, noone makes cheese! (or goes to Gaelic class) :)

  32. Well, I will certainly be posting the cheesemaking progress, don't worry. I have a batch in the fridge, but I had no battery in the camera when i started it - poor planning, there will be quite a lot to say about planning , I have to say. :)
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and to those of you who joined in. xxx
    Campfire - what a really lovely thing to say. xx

  33. Tha mi a' ionnsachadh Gàidhlig cuideachd! :D


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