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Monday, February 20, 2012


Happy Birthday sweet Erin!

 I cannot believe a whole year and a day has passed since this post and here she is toddling around, always smiling, laughing and into everything. Time just flashes by so fast - especially when we are far away. But still, we will see them all in a couple of weeks time, when we come over for a wedding.

We tried to set up a video cam link, for the blowing out of the candles, but failed miserably due to some technical disorganisation at both ends (mostly mine).
Many thanks to Daniel for the beautiful photograph (we do like the hipsta app - lol).


  1. Happy birthday to your Erin. Glad to hear that you will hold that sweet one soon. My daughter and I are right now commenting on how wonderful the internet is when you have loved ones far away. Frustrating when it doesn't work... but a wonderful tool for love.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Happy 1st B-day Erin! :-)

    It does go by so quick doesn't it Jacqui?x

  3. oh gasp. beautiful beautiful photo. gentle tender dear age one, blessings on this special occasion, and wishes for many many more.
    xxx love, lori

  4. Aww, Happy Birthday little Erin, such a cutie. It just goes far too fast (especially when you get past 35 lol).

  5. Goodness, I am 53 and my son Alex has only just turned 3. The time just flashes by and I really regret not starting twenty years ago.

    Erin looks lovely and I wish him and all of you the very best.

    He looks clever too. Can't you see it written in his little face? 'Hang on a sec, why have they set fire to my food?'

  6. Happy birthday Erin and many many more :) Lovely photo!

  7. I meant HER and SHE. Dammit, I am getting old. I was thinking of my boy as I wrote this and wishing, like I said, I had started much earlier. It's a lovely, evocative photo and having spent a day with little Alex collecting shore crabs, a plateful of which we have just eaten together and now seeing this post, I realise how shallow my life was until I had the boys.

  8. a lovely photo. Doesn't time fly!

  9. Lol, Hippo - I knew that~ It's finet! I started early and finished late. Everything comes at the right time - and you are enjoying life with the boys right now - when you have the time to give them. I am just about to visit your blog now. I'll bring a drink and a deck chair :)

  10. ach look at her wee face :-) It is amazing how quickly a year has passed. Hope she had a wonderful day and that the coming year brings so much joy for her (and all of you) x

  11. that's a beautiful picture of a special moment. happy birthday Erin!

  12. I just love the chubby little hands gripping her tray in eager anticipation!

  13. Blimey a year already! A very happy birthday to Erin xxx

  14. Happy birthday to your sweet little one year old Erin! What an adorable photo. I wish her a long and happy life!

  15. Happy birthday to Erin. This is a magical photo!

  16. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Oh yes, how the years whizz by. I was shocked last night to hear that it has been ten years since the Queen Mother passed away. My life is vanishing..... Erin is blessed to have you for her grandmother ;-)

  17. Happy Birthday. Look at that wondrous expression on her face. She's entranced!

  18. My word is it really a year x birthday blessings sweet one x


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