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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Scenes from the Calmac Isle of Lewis ferry. 

Last week we were away on a jaunt to the mainland.  I wasn't too keen to advertise the fact that our house was empty, so I was a bit mischievous, setting up a few scheduled posts. But still, we really were extremely busy indeed.  Setting off very early one morning to the ferry terminal and the three hour sea journey, we reached our hotel by teatime, fitting in a quick catch up with Kenneth and Dad.

1. Edinburgh Castle. 2. Covenantor's memorial, Grassmarket. 3. Statue of David Hume, Royal Mile. 4. Cardamom hot chocolate, raisin and marzipan pastry, Peter's Gate, Middle Meadow Walk.

The following day I had a trip into Edinburgh for a wee bit of shopping around the Old Town, and some cake of course.

1. Salsibury crags and Edinburgh rooftops from RHSC, Edinburgh. 2. James, tired and hungry. 3. John and Kenneth. 4. Kenneth, James, and John
Back into town the next day - this time for James, who was having an X-ray and scan at the Children's Hospital.  Some of you may recall he fractured his femur shortly after I began this blog, and this was a follow-up to that event.  A long day - mostly waiting around, unable to eat or drink as he was having a general anaesthetic for the scan.  Big brother Kenneth came along to help keep his spirits up, and after we were discharged - tired and starving, we headed straight to a favourite restaurant for a much needed feast.  The last photo is a very blurry shot of a much re-vitalised James swinging between his Dad and big bro

Finlay and Erin
Of course there was lots of catching up to do with two certain  beautiful grandchildren!

And - there was a wedding!  I am still sorting though the 400 - odd photos that I took, so I will post them tomorrow.  Oops - not the whole 400 - lol - one or two maybe.  Do pop back and see them xxx


  1. sounds and looks like a lot of fun- Look forward to seeing some of the wedding photos

  2. I will be watching for the wedding photos....it is not easy getting away from a place in the country. I know from experience.

  3. Shopping and cake, how divine!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! Except for the general anaesthesia/scan bit, it all sounds like good fun. (And I hope the results of that will be not having to go back again.) I look forward to your wedding photos. Was there a rammy?

    1. Thanks Christine - hopefully that will be it now. A rammy? No it was all very friendly and everyone mixed well. Are you thinking of a scramble maybe? xx

    2. Yes, a scramble. Our friends from Greenock/Islay call it a "rammy". Where they throw coins for the children to pick up - nothing to do with brawls at the ceilidh afterwards!

  5. go on, indulge me, where was your cake and coffee feast? My fave haunt in Edinburgh for hot choc and cake / bacon sandwich is the Elephant Rooms, but the loos really aren't suitable for nappy changing, so I haven't been there in a while. I'm always keen to try out a new cafe!

    1. I do like the Elephant House myself, but I know what you mean about the loos - considering it is such a tourist draw you would think they might upgrade them a bit. I went to peter's Gate which is a Swedish bakery and coffee house on Middle meadow walk, near the University. Very nice indeed - quite an upmarket studenty academic vibe and great decor and the food is fab if slightly pricey - worth it though. They do have a baby changing room - not sure if they have high chairs though - they didn't used to a few years ago. Pizza is wonderful and cardamom buns are my absolute favourite. They do take away or sit in. Long communal tables. Highly recommended - can you tell I liked it? xx

  6. Glad your back, have missed you. You holiday looks lovely and of course always nice to catch up with family, and a wedding ,how wonderful.

  7. How wonderful that you have been to see family and attend a wedding! I know you really enjoyed loving on those little grands!
    I hope all of the tests on James came out with good results. It is so hard on the little one's to go without food for tests and sometimes big one's too.
    Of course I will be back to see wedding pictures...and hopefully
    hear all the wonderful details. :)

  8. How exciting! Destination weddings are just the best...I have always loved every one I have attended and this one looks like it will be incredible...I hope you will post more then one or two photos! Your grandchildren are gorgeous and I hope we will see many more photos of them as well! Such a fun week you had!

  9. i always love seeing all your photos jacqui, your time away sounds so much fun. love the little ones and hoping all good news for your james. i bet that meal was a big relief at the end of the day! a wedding, so exciting!

  10. what a fun week. i hope things work out well for James. i'm sure you and he are both glad that is over and how exciting to have a wedding. i'll be looking forward to your great photos.

  11. sounds like you've had a busy but wonderful time....hope little James scan was ok.
    bet your wedding photos are amazing...xxx

  12. We visited Edinburgh at this time three years ago... It wasn't the warmest of trips but your shot of the coffee reminded me of warm coffees after walks around the city. It looks like you had a lovely time as well - it's good to get off the island every now and again isn't it? :)


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