About The Barefoot Crofter

Hello there.  My name is Jacqui.  I live on the beautiful Isle of Lewis, part of the Outer Hebrides with my husband John, and James, our seven year old son.   I have three grown-up children - Karen, Kristine and Kenneth, who live on the Scottish Mainland. Both my girls are married and both my sons in law are called Daniel. Karen and Daniel have two children - Finlay and Erin, and Kristine and her Daniel have a baby daughter - Breagha. Kenneth lives in Edinburgh with his partner, Louise - they have both just graduated from University there.  I also have a step-daughter, Veronica, who lives in Switzerland with her husband, Graham and two boys - Howie and Ross. My Dad and Step-Mother Angela live on the mainland.  All of them feature here too at various points.

We live on a croft, where we keep cows, sheep and hens and do a bit of growing - everything is always a work in progress, as we live out the cycles of the year. A lot of time is spent gazing and the scenery, or cooking and eating, but we have other projects and interests too - all of which find their way here from time to time.

Do join me as I document out lives here  - ordinary, yet extraordinary days.


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